Warren Touts Catholic-Evangelical Ties

Rick Warren, author and pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA, is hoping his personal friendship with a Roman Catholic bishop will serve as a model for evangelical-Catholic unity worldwide. A recent Christian Post article highlighted Warren’s personal relationship with Orange County Bishop Kevin Vann which began five years ago as both men were dealing with personal struggles and tragedies. In their efforts to address the church’s approach to mental health, Warren and Vann brought their churches together for prayer and dialogue to address mental health as well as other social issues. Warren said their partnership “brought Catholics and evangelicals together as I, and our church, received many letters of comfort from Catholic priests and parishioners” (Christian Post, “Rick Warren, Calif. Bishop Hail Unity as Model for Evangelicals and Catholics to Follow,” 9-15-17). Vann noted, “At the beginning of Holy Week this year, Catholics and evangelicals in Orange County came together to pray for God’s blessing on all our Holy Week services. So we who live here together also pray together. We’ve seen first-hand that much good can be accomplished for the Kingdom of God by Catholics and evangelicals being present to one another, praying for each other, and ministering to our communities together.” Warren added, “If just these two groups (Catholics and evangelicals) were committed to modeling the love of Christ together, imagine all the good that could happen … our prayer is that Orange County might be a model for others around the world.”