The Unethical Approach of SDA Evangelists

Aggressive proselytism is nothing new among cults such as the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses. Yet credit both groups, for the most part, for being up-front and ethical in revealing their "denominational" ties to their respective churches when they knock on a door or distribute literature. On the other hand, the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church frequently attempts to proselytize without initially claiming any ties to the SDA Church. Individuals will often find full-color advertisements and inserts in newspapers and magazines inviting the reader to a “prophecy conference” or other religious meeting without mentioning any relationship to an SDA church. In other instances, SDA proponents will distribute books on street corners by Ellen G. White or other SDA writers—books that say nothing about any ties to Seventh-day Adventism. SDA proponents may also travel door-to-door offering “Bible studies” and travel church-to-church peddling children’s books, but they are hesitant to admit their SDA-affiliation. In addition, the SDA Church is behind the oft-aired television program “It Is Written” that is broadcast throughout the United States. Just recently here in the Central Valley of California, a gentleman knocked on our door at 8:30 p.m. and claimed he was seeking to mentor young people in a local public school and then proceeded to hand me a copy of “The Great Controversy” (SDA propaganda written by founder Ellen G. White). After declining the offer, I asked him if he ever identifies himself as an SDA proselytizer as he travels door-to-door. His response: “Why yes, if they ask.”

This approach on the part of the SDA church is both cowardly and unethical. Bible-believing Christians must exercise a great amount of discernment when coming into contact with those who are trying to give away or peddle religious information, and they must dig deep to determine the religious and theological ties of those who offer such information or invite them to conferences or Bible studies. Beware of the unbiblical doctrine and the unethical approach of those who represent Seventh-day Adventism. For an excellent analysis of Seventh-day Adventism, please see Pastor David Moss’ article The Undenomination.