"Lord, Thou Knowest All Things"

“Lord, thou knowest all things.” Such were Peter’s words when, for the third time, the Lord Jesus Christ asked His penitent disciple: “Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou Me?” This acknowledgement of the Lord’s omniscience was another expression of Peter’s faith in the deity of Christ. Not alone did he confess Him at Caesarea Philippi (Matthew 16:16), but at another time Peter said, “Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life.

The Believer's Rest

What Does The Bible Say?

FEA founder M. H. Reynolds Sr. discusses the need for believers to enter God's rest. Originally aired July 1940.

Joshua 11:21-23

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The TRUTH of the Matter

After Jesus clearly declared the truth to Pilate, he despondently responded to the Savior, “What is truth?” To Pilate, as to many people today, truth is subjective and relative. Others believe truth does not even exist at all. Still others believe truth is unknowable or unattainable. While this moral and theological relativism is becoming increasingly prevalent in our Western culture, godly men of the past also dealt with this crisis many years ago.

Sanctification by Law or Grace? Which Is It?

That which is enough for justification into Christ is enough for sanctification in Christ!

Bible believing Christians are nearly unanimous in their view that salvation is by grace through faith alone. What many Bible believers are divided over, or ignorant about, is how a person remains saved, otherwise known as progressive sanctification.

The Logic of the Argument for Creation and Against Evolution

Believers in evolution who scoff at anybody who believes in creation commonly make the charge that there is no scientific theory of creation. They are right! Creation is a divinely revealed truth. A companion assertion of evolutionists is that there is no scientific evidence for creation. Here they are wrong. Creationists, when confronted with the frontal attack against creation, have often not made a correct response because they do not correctly understand the relationship between science and creation. Consequently, they sometimes try to make creation into a scientific theory.

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