The Upcoming Election: Should Christians Vote?

[The following article is an excellent answer to the question: "Should Christians vote? And if so, for whom should they vote?" It is written by Pastor George Zeller of the Middletown Bible Church in Middletown, CT.]

Premillennialism: The Friend of Israel

Premillennialism, historically and presently, is a compassionate friend of Israel. In direct contrast, postmillennialism and amillennialism have the reputation of being not only unfriendly to Israel but, on occasion, the Jews’ feared oppressors. Our eschatological interpretation of Scripture is inseparably related to our attitude toward God’s people, the literal seed of Abraham.

Life Apart from God

"Faithlessness and Defeat—Lessons from the Demeanor and Demise of the Nation of Israel in 1 Samuel 4"—was a radio sermon delivered in 1966 by Pastor James R. King of the North Shore Baptist Church in Bayside, New York.

Do You Have Peace?

Peace with God (Romans 5:1-5)

Is Exorcism Biblical?

The fascination with occult themes has been around since biblical times, but in the past few years, obsession over it seems to have increased in modern western culture. No doubt, the entertainment industry, with “games/toys,” movies (“The Rite”), and TV programs (“Paranormal Witness”) has certainly heightened the interest. In fact The Christian Post recently published an article detailing this fact (“Growing Demand for Exorcisms as More Unchurched Americans Seek Help With Demonic Possession,” The Christian Post, 9-28-16,).

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