The Cost of Contending for the Faith

by William J. McCarrell
Abel contended at the cost of his life. Elijah was pursued, fed by ravens and forced to share the widow’s meagre fare while his life hung in balance because he contended for God’s truth versus Baalism. Jeremiah, the weeping prophet, was imprisoned and suffered attempts upon his life through starvation, being cast into a pit of quicksand and in other ways because he contended for the faith. Contending caused Daniel’s three companions to be cast into the burning fiery furnace.

There Is a Difference

by M. H. Reynolds, Jr.


Where Should Our Priorities Lie?

This past summer, the Barna Group concluded a study that revealed some startling truth—namely, those who claim to be Christians do not even count their faith to be the priority of their life! From the study:

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