The Vision Forum: A Dispensational Perspective (Part 1)

by Pastor Gary Freel

Twelve Points of Difference Between the Old and New Theology

1. The New Theology says the Bible contains the Word of God; the Old Theology says the Bible is the Word of God—the Word judging man rather than man judging the Word.

2. The New Theology says Jesus Christ is a son of God; the Old Theology says Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

3. The New Theology says the birth of Jesus was natural; the Old Theology says the birth of Jesus was supernatural.

Don't Turn Left! The Social Gospel Is No Real Gospel!


The Good in Heathen Religion?

Much is being said and written by many liberal ministers and a few missionaries about the “good in heathen religions”—the inspiration of their religious books; “that all are seeking God”; and that the Holy Spirit is working in the hearts of all in their search for truth. Some men who have visited India will even speak approvingly of the shrines crowded with devout worshipers, but these travelers never dare mention in a mixed audience what these Hindus are worshiping.

Savorless Salt

by Dr. J. Gresham Machen (1881-1937)

[The following article contains excerpts from a sermon preached in the chapel of Princeton Theological Seminary on Sunday, March 8, 1925. Here, again, we see how men of God in days gone by trumpeted forth a faithful and insightful warning as to the inroads of liberalism into their respective denominational fellowships. Sadly, the warning regarding the inroads of liberalism once again went unheeded by the majority who had already fallen prey to accommodation rather than separation from error and those who embrace it.]

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