Does the Experience of Speaking in Tongues Agree with the Truth of Scripture?

by Pastor David Moss

A certain segment of Christianity preaches that there is a necessary experience after salvation if a Christian wants to have all that God has prepared for him. According to them, the gospel consists of something more than being born again by faith in Jesus Christ, for they claim to preach the “full gospel.”

Is a Pre-Millennialist a Pessimist?

by Rev. W. S. Hooton

"What Does the Bible Say?" Podcast Update

As most of you know, we are planning to change our "What Does the Bible Say?" podcast format. Both pastors Gary Freel and Matt Costella will jointly discuss topics relating to the world and church from a Biblical perspective. Our new audio equipment arrived this week which will allow us to prepare quality podcasts on a regular basis in this new co-host format. Lord willing, our first podcast will be uploaded next week—the first week of April 2012. Please tune in and pray that God will be glorified and His people will be edified in the Faith.

Problems Permeating Churches (Part 4)

The following is the final of a four-part series addressing particular problems that seem to plague many fundamental and evangelical churches today. If the true church is to be honest with itself today, it must be willing to examine and evaluate its own beliefs and practices in light of the unchanging truth of God's Word and make any necessary changes for the good of the church and for the glory of God.

Problem #4—A Lack of Emphasis on the Exposition of Scripture

New FEA "What Does the Bible Say?" Podcast style coming soon!

We greatly apologize for the delay in recording and uploading new FEA "What Does the Bible Say?" podcasts. Several factors have contributed to the delay, but we want to encourage you to stay tuned as we are planning to upload new podcasts with both pastors Matt Costella and Gary Freel who will co-host and discuss issues facing the world and the church today. Pastors Matt and Gary are excited about "sharing the mic" and encouraging God's people to view the world and church from a biblical, God-honoring perspective.

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