Credit Crunches, Financial Freefalls and Global Greed: How Should a Christian Respond?

[The following is a transcript of a sermon preached by Pastor Matt Costella at Grace Bible Church of Fresno on Sunday, October 12, 2008. The biblical principles spelled out in this article are just as applicable and relevant today.]

In Matthew chapter 6, beginning at verse 25, Jesus speaks to His disciples and to us today, and He says:

Kingdom Work Is God's Work

With all the emphasis today among evangelical Christians on “bringing in the kingdom” or doing “kingdom work” on the earth, it is interesting to consider the words of a former theological giant within the evangelical community. Consider the words of the late Dr. Louis T. Talbot, the namesake of BIOLA’s theological seminary. Dr. Talbot was asked, “Recently I heard a denominational youth leader urging us as young people to go out and bring in the kingdom. How can I do that?” Dr. Talbot’s response is completely accurate.

Ministry Goals

What Does The Bible Say?

Pastors Matt Costella and Gary Freel discuss their personal testimonies and ministry goals.

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"What Does the Bible Say?" Podcast

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Which Is Right…Saturday or Sunday?

[The following article was published in the most recent issue of Foundation magazine (Volume 33, Issue 2), yet the first line of the article was inadvertently cut off. Therefore, we are reproducing this excellent article by Oswald J. Smith in its entirety.]

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