Fosdick: An Evangelical Ahead of His Time

Almost a century ago, a renowned religious liberal sanctimoniously derided biblical fundamentalists for their out-dated and intolerant beliefs while resolutely declaring that such individuals have no right to “shut the doors of Christian fellowship” on those who embrace the new theology (religious liberalism) which esteemed man’s “new knowledge” above God’s revelation as found in His Word.

Biblical Reflections on Liberty

[As the United States of America celebrates its Independence Day on July 4, 2018, we reproduce the following set of studies from Pastor M. H. Reynolds Jr., originally published in Feature: A Daily Bible Study Guide. We are grateful for our political and civil liberties, yet as Christians, we must never forget to praise and thank God for the spiritual liberty we possess through the person and work of Jesus Christ.]

The Foundation of Liberty—Psalm 119:41-48

Seven Great Claims of Jesus Christ

Can you imagine reading the Gospel narratives for the first time? If so, then I am sure one of the things to impress you would be the tremendous claims made by Jesus Christ. These claims aroused interest and opposition when uttered, and they continue to do the same today. Did the disciples enter into the full meaning of the opening sentence of John 14? There He said, “Ye believe in God, believe also in Me,” asserting:

I. Equality With God

Can Politicians Fix Our Problems?

Another election season is in full swing. Americans are inundated with commercials, yard signs, billboards, brochures, and flyers promoting candidates for local, state, and federal offices. Such messages either promise to fix societal, fiscal, ecological, and moral problems, or they contain negative accusations against opposing candidates—why he or she is unfit for public office. Some candidates cater to the conservative and evangelical voting bloc opposing abortion, euthanasia, same-gender unions, and the like. Other candidates opt for a partial or total secular base of support.

Life After Death as Revealed in the Word of God

Is there a life after death? Did anyone ever come back from the dead to tell us? Yes, the Lord Jesus Christ, who arose from the dead, is the One who came back and who knows. The best proven fact in history is the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Some years ago, two eminent legal authorities of England, Lord Lyttleton and Gilbert West, were unbelievers. They held that the truthfulness of Christianity rested upon two foundations—first, the resurrection of Christ, and second, the conversion of the apostle Paul.

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