FEA Today with Dr. JB Hixson (Part 1)

What Does The Bible Say?

Pastor Matt Costella interviews Dr. JB Hixson of Not By Works Ministries on the importance of a clear and accurate Gospel message.

Galatians 1:6-9

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The Imperative of Moral Integrity

It does not take a keen social analyst to recognize the fact that we are witnessing the collapse of western culture. Morality in the public arena is in freefall mode. In the past, predatory perverts in the entertainment industry remained in the shadows. However, now it is public knowledge that powerful and influential personalities have been, in some instances for decades, preying on people who desired to get a start or a role in the industry. Moral corruption dominates our political institutions.

The Case for Divine Revelation

The interpretation of divine revelation involves first of all personal obedience to its teachings rather than mere agreement. It is the product of the believing heart as well as the interpreting mind. It is a spiritual experience before it is a mental process. It is the acceptance of the Word before it is an interpretation of words. The disobedient heart cannot properly comprehend divine truth. The Luciferian pride of the natural man imposes its own will upon Holy Writ, thus missing its meaning.

The Mission and Destiny of the True Church

I believe that the failure of the church to see that she is a separated, a called-out body in the purposes of God, charged with a definite mission limited in its purpose and scope, and the endeavor to take from Israel her promises of earthly glory and appropriate them over into this church period, has done more to swerve the church from the appointed course than all other influences put together.

"Thanks Be Unto God for His Unspeakable Gift"

While it is true that commercialism, consumerism, and paganism seem to dominate our culture this time of year, it certainly does not hurt us to use this opportunity to focus on a biblical truth often neglected during the rest of the calendar year—the Incarnation of God. The Bible says much about the birth of Christ.

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