"Blood Moon" Sensationalism

Millions of people are fascinated with Bible prophecy. Unfortunately, many of these same people are deceived by false prophecy “experts” who claim that biblical prophecy, in particular from the Old Testament prophets, is being fulfilled today. For example, it is popular to claim that when a lunar eclipse occurs, this can be described as a “blood moon” and must, in some way, be connected to Joel 2:31. To be clear, we do believe Joel 2:31—as all Bible prophecies—will be fulfilled exactly as the Bible describes.

What Is Truth?

Never in the history of Christianity has it been more necessary for the true children of God to know how to distinguish truth from error than in these perilous days. The methods of the enemy are far more subtle now than ever before. Even the very elect of God are in great danger unless they walk very humbly and give the Word and Spirit their proper place. In the sphere of the material and commercial, there are certain units of measure and value which make it comparatively easy to detect fraud.

What Authenticates Doctrine and Ministry?

Many diverse voices are clamoring to be heard today. One is reminded of the situation that existed in the early church at Corinth where everyone had a psalm, a doctrine, a tongue, a revelation, or an interpretation (1 Corinthians 14:26). Many of these voices claim to be "Christian" in spite of the fact that they are actually twisting the Scriptures to satisfy their own ambitions. Who are we to believe? Which leaders and organizations are safe to follow and support? Is there any sure way to separate the wheat from the chaff?

The Pillar and Ground of the Truth

Mention the term church to a group of people, and you will receive as many definitions and perceptions of “church” as there are people. Of course, many equate church with religion and pride themselves in their resoluteness to have nothing to do with either. But others will actually claim to be religious and even attend weekly services, albeit sporadically. The reasons given for identifying themselves with a particular religious group and, in turn, their understanding of that group’s function or purpose vary greatly.

Who Are You to Judge? (Part 3)

What Does The Bible Say?

A consideration of the biblical teaching concerning the need for biblical discernment. Originally aired on Grace Global Radio, April 2018.

Matthew 7

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