Inconsistency = Confusion

If there is any one word that characterizes the religious world of our day, it is inconsistency. Of course, the only way to avoid being inconsistent is to follow the Bible very closely and carefully, that is, to be obedient to the Word of God. And since this is a day of disobedience to the Holy Scriptures, it should come as no surprise that religious leaders are continually causing confusion in the ranks because they have chosen the way of human reasoning and evaluation rather than being willing to “suffer with Christ outside the gate.”

Man's Questions and God's Answers

Man is constantly asking questions. One of the most hopeful and encouraging signs in the mental development of a boy or girl is the habit of asking questions. The person who really succeeds in this world in material things is the one who is constantly, inquisitively and persistently asking questions.

Looking for a Church?

Many people want to know what to look for in a church. Often, well-intentioned pastors or Christian leaders have offered their own list of requirements, or those seeking a church may have devised their own criteria in their minds. Yet such lists or criteria are often filled with somewhat trivial or “surface” litmus tests that in no way speak to the root of what a church truly is or should be. Unfortunately, many people believe (or are led to believe) that the perfect church exists. They simply need to find it, and they will find themselves happy for the rest of their lives.


The Danger of Double-Mindedness

James 1:1-8 gives important instruction regarding the believer’s trials and testings (vv. 2-3), the need for patience while God is working in one’s life (v. 4), and the proper approach to prayer (vv. 5-7). Sometimes our trials may seem too severe, yet all along God knows exactly what we need for our good and His glory.

The Day of a Risen Christ

An explanation by Keith L. Brooks of "Why We Worship on the Lord's Day Instead of On the Day When Christ Lay Dead in the Tomb"

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