The Mission and Destiny of the True Church

I believe that the failure of the church to see that she is a separated, a called-out body in the purposes of God, charged with a definite mission limited in its purpose and scope, and the endeavor to take from Israel her promises of earthly glory and appropriate them over into this church period, has done more to swerve the church from the appointed course than all other influences put together.

"Thanks Be Unto God for His Unspeakable Gift"

While it is true that commercialism, consumerism, and paganism seem to dominate our culture this time of year, it certainly does not hurt us to use this opportunity to focus on a biblical truth often neglected during the rest of the calendar year—the Incarnation of God. The Bible says much about the birth of Christ.

The Virgin Birth in the Revised Standard Version

The great historic fact that our Lord Jesus Christ was "conceived by the Holy Ghost: born of the Virgin Mary," entirely apart from any generation on the part of man, has been one of the fundamental truths of Christianity from the very beginning of Christian history.

A Broad-Minded and Backboneless Ministry

Is religion the only realm where everyone is right and no one is wrong? The world is looking for broad-minded religious leaders—according to men of standing and influence in church circles. The happiest thing to be said of any man, especially a preacher, is that he is broad-minded. A tolerance that says we are all right is the proper and popular attitude to take toward the religion of other men. The only thing demanded of men is sincerity. It does not make a particle of difference what a man believes if he is only sincere.

The Cunning of the Serpent

[Counterfeit currency would have little chance of passing if it did not bear somewhat close resemblance to the genuine; and the more close this resemblance is, the better chance it has to pass undetected. Of course, this is well known to the adversary of our souls; so in order to beguile the unwary, he masks his most subtle deceptions with the appearance of orthodoxy. Pastor Clifford Nixon exposes this cunning artifice. This article is just as relevant today as it was when it was written in 1933, over 80 years ago.] 

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