The Distracted Church

Ask any Christian in any church what is to be the purpose of the church in the world today, and one will receive as many answers as there are churches! Clearly, one of the greatest enemies of the church today can be summed up in the words distraction or diversion. Why is distraction or diversion such a problem—such an enemy of the church today? It is because when one is distracted or diverted, it keeps him or her from fulfilling the task needed to be accomplished! 

America's Spiritual Response to Terrorism

Following the terrorist attacks against the United States on September 11, 2001, Christians throughout the United States wondered how our nation would respond spiritually to this horrible tragedy. Many outspoken religious leaders immediately voiced their hope that the images of death and destruction etched into our minds would force us to ask questions of ourselves and fill churches in an attempt to forsake our materialistic gods and turn to a Higher Power.

Tongues: Speaking or Hearing?

On the day of Pentecost, when the disciples assembled together and the Holy Spirit descended, the believers began to speak in tongues, and others heard the wonderful works of God in their own language. Did the apostles miraculously speak other languages, or did the listeners simply hear the works of God in their own language? In other words, was the miracle of tongues the speaking or the hearing?

What About Carbon-14 Dating?

A common question concerning the creation-evolution controversy is “What about carbon-14 dating?” This radiometric dating method appears often in the mass media news, probably because it is usually applied to fossil materials, particularly to those connected with ancient human remains. Many people are interested in what the fossils say, and carbon-14 (abbreviated C-14) dating seems to make them say they once lived ten, twenty, forty or fifty thousand years ago. As the reasoning apparently goes, with all this time available, perhaps evolution actually did take place.

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