"Be Not Moved Away"

We live in a world characterized by turmoil and confusion. Everything seems to be in a state of flux. In the secular realm, the rapid changes that have taken place during this century in the fields of transportation, communication, science, medicine, education, etc., which were at first thought to be great leaps forward for the human race, have turned out to be the cause of new problems rather than an answer to the old ones.

Are You Ready for Christ's Return?

Jesus could return at any moment. Are you ready? The apostle John exhorts us to “abide in Him (Jesus Christ); that, when He shall appear, we may have confidence, and not be ashamed before Him at His coming” (1 Jn. 2:28). The Bible tells us to anticipate the imminent (any-moment) return of Christ. For example, the apostle Paul, in attempting to stir the Roman church out of her spiritual lethargy, told the Roman believers to “wake up” and understand that they needed to live a Christ-honoring life.

The True Basis for Ethics and Morality

The ultimate basis of morality is the character and the will of God. Liberal theology has not only forsaken the biblical basis of morality but they have repudiated the God of the Scriptures, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ….

"Positive" Christianity

Satan has many seductive strategies designed to pollute the gospel and destroy the church. One of his most effective strategies goes by the attractive title “positive Christianity.” But its philosophical and practical basis is dangerous and deadly! Here’s why.

Moving Ahead in 2019

Since the inception of the church on the day of Pentecost, Satan has attempted to destroy its purity and testimony. Yet God in His providence and sovereignty has always strengthened, protected, and guided the faithful few who have continued to press forward and remain steadfast for the truth. In the first few years of the church’s existence, God visibly revealed His power and work through the church—this new organism—in several ways.

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