Stewardship, Contentment, and God's Grace

While many Americans realize that the United States of America—and the world as a whole—is enveloped in a financial and economic crisis, fewer tend to realize that on a smaller level, their own homes are equally in trouble. Of course, those who have been affected by a layoff or some other dramatic consequence of the economic downturn can feel the sting of troublesome economic times. Yet others who still have jobs or regular income are doing very little to plan for the future or make life-altering financial adjustments.

The Need for Theological Statesmanship

Let us not be swayed by who happens to champion which doctrinal position. Many new evangelicals are successful, personable, persuasive men. Many have high academic degrees. On the other hand, some stalwart defenders of the faith may have fewer degrees and, because of their refusal to compromise, may have less popular appeal in certain circles. But all this is irrelevant.

Why I Am Not An "Apocalyptic Fundamentalist"

Yes, I believe Jesus is coming back and I believe His return is imminent. Yes, I believe the earth will experience great cataclysm and chaos in the future. But no, I do not believe that what is happening today in America—or even in other parts of the world—means Jesus must be or needs to be coming back any day now.

Raised Up By God

In every generation and in every circumstance, God raises up those who will respond to His call and do His will. Sometimes He uses the testimony of just one individual to do His work and fulfill His promises—like Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Elijah, and so many others who stood virtually alone for God.

Why We Believe in a Young Earth

All Bible-believers take Scripture seriously and literally in matters of salvation, but is the same true when it comes to matters of historical science? Many, even among those who profess to be fundamentalists, adopt methods of interpretation that are allegorical or even mythological approaches to certain portions of Scripture rather than understanding the texts of the Bible contextually, normally, literally, historically, and grammatically.

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