Salvation and Safety

by Charles H. Spurgeon

God’s people are always safe. But God’s people are only safe through the blood because He sees the blood mark on their brow. They are bought with the precious blood of Christ. Nothing can hurt them because “the blood” is upon them.

Christ Jesus, like the lamb, was not only a divinely-appointed victim, but He was spotless. Had there been one sin in Christ, He had not been capable of being our Saviour; but He was without sin. Turn, then, your eye to the cross and see Jesus bleeding and dying for you.

The blood is once shed for the remission of sin. The paschal lamb was slain every year, but Christ, once for all, hath put away sin by the offering of Himself. He has said, “It is finished.” Let that ring in thy ears.

The blood of Christ, nothing but it, can ever save the soul. If some foolish Israelite had despised the command of God and had said, “I will sprinkle something else upon the doorposts,” or, “I will adorn the lintel with jewels of gold and silver,” he must have perished; nothing could save his household but the sprinkled blood. My works, my prayers, my tears cannot save me; the blood, the blood has power to redeem. Nothing but the blood alone of Jesus has the slightest saving power. Oh, you that are trusting in baptism, confirmation or the Lord’s supper, nothing but the blood of Jesus can save. If you make ordinances the basis of your soul’s salvation, they are lighter than a shadow. There is not—I repeat it again—the slightest atom of saving power anywhere but in the blood of Jesus. The blood stands out as the only rock of our salvation.

“Oh,” says one, “I could trust in Christ if I felt my sins more!” Sir, is thy repentance to be a part-saviour? The blood is to save thee, not thy tears; Christ’s death, not thy repentance.

“Nay,” says another, “but I feel that I do not value the blood of Christ as I ought, and therefore I am afraid to believe.” My friend, that is another insidious form of the same error. God does not say, “When I see your estimate of the blood of Christ, I will pass over you; no, but, when I see the blood.”

“Nay,” says another, “but if I had more faith, then I should have hope.” That, too, is a very deadly shape of the same evil. You are not to be saved by the efficacy of your faith but by the efficacy of the blood of Christ. Faith comes from meditation upon Christ. Turn, then, your eye, not upon faith, but upon Jesus. It is not “your hold of Christ” that saves you; it is “His hold of you.”

“Oh,” says another, “if I had such and such an experience, then I could trust!” Friend, it is not thine experience; it is the blood. God did not say, “When I see your experience,” but, “When I see the blood of Christ.”

Yet again, we may say of the blood of Christ, it is all-sufficient. There is no case which the blood of Christ cannot meet; there is no sin which it cannot wash away. There is no multiplicity of sin which it cannot cleanse, no aggravation of guilt which it cannot remove. Ye may be double-dyed like scarlet; you may have lain in the lye of your sins these 70 years; but the blood of Christ can take out the stain. “The blood of Christ cleanseth us from all sin.”

But go further. The blood of Christ saves surely. Perhaps says one who is believing in Christ, “Well, I hope it will save.” My friend, that is a slur upon the honor of God. If any man gives you a promise and you say, “Well, I hope he will fulfill it,” is it not implied that you have at least some doubt as to whether he will or not? Now, I do not hope that the blood of Christ will wash away my sin. I know it is washed away by His blood; and that is true faith, which does not hope about Christ’s blood but says, “I know it is so; that blood does cleanse.” The Israelite, if he was true to his faith, did not go inside and say, “I hope the destroying angel will pass by me”; he said, “I know he will; I know God cannot smite me. There is a blood-mark there; I am secure beyond doubt; there is not the shadow of a risk of my perishing.”

O sinner, I have not the shadow of a doubt as to whether Christ will save you, if you trust in His blood! I know He will. I am certain His blood can save; and I beg you, in Christ’s name, believe it. Believe that the blood is sure to cleanse—not only that it may cleanse but that it must cleanse. If we have that blood upon us we must be saved, or else we are to suppose a God unfaithful.

And yet again, he that hath this blood sprinkled upon him is saved completely. Not a hair of the head of an Israelite was disturbed by the destroying angel. So he that believeth in the blood is saved from all things. There is a destroying angel for Egypt, but there is none for Israel. There is a hell for the wicked but none for the righteous. Christ saves completely—every sin washed, every blessing insured.

This brings us to the one condition: “When I see the blood I will pass over you.” Sinner, I have a word from the Lord for thee: If you feel your need of a Saviour, that blood is able to save you; and you are bidden simply to trust that blood, and you shall be saved. If you can rely simply on the blood of Christ, that blood is able to save. Leave off doing altogether; get Christ first, and then you may do as much as you like. See the Saviour hanging on the cross; turn your eye to Him, and say, “Lord I trust Thee; I have nothing else to trust; sink or swim, my Saviour, I trust Thee.” And as surely as thou canst put thy trust in Christ, thou art safe. He that believeth shall be saved, be his sins ever so many; he that believeth not shall be damned, be his sins ever so few and his virtues ever so many. Trust in Jesus now, Jesus only.