Feature Bible Study Guide

Are you looking for a daily devotional that guides you into the meat of God's Word? Published quarterly, Feature: A Daily Bible Study Guide gives more than just a "thought for the day." It challenges the reader to truly meditate on the Word of God, understand what the text is saying, and then victoriously apply those truths to daily life! This publication is written by fundamentalist pastors and uses only the Authorized King James Version.

If you are new to Feature Bible Study Guide, we invite you to download a free pdf sample issue. This will help you decide if you would like to become a subscriber.


Apr, 2014 - Jun, 2014

With a yearly subscription to Feature Bible Study Guide, you will receive a new issue every quarter.  Please note that your subscription will automatically be renewed a year from when you originally subscribed. You will be notified by e-mail 2 months prior to the automatic renewal. You may contact the FEA at anytime to cancel your subscription.

Individual subscriptions are available on the website. For bulk orders, please contact the FEA for discount pricing.