"This Know Also, That In the Last Days…"

The Bible is full of truths that God wants us to “know.” For example, He wants us to know that we have a relationship with Him, that we are secure in Him, that He will never leave nor forsake us, that He will come again, and that we will rule and reign with Him in the coming millennial kingdom. Such wonderful truths are promises that the believer holds near and dear to his heart. Yet not all truth is good news from man’s perspective. Just as certain as the aforementioned truths is the reality that believers are called upon to endure trial and hardship in this life, that the judgment of God awaits an unbelieving world, and that the god of this world is seeking to destroy the testimony of the saints and shipwreck the faith of carnal and apathetic believers. In fact, much of the New Testament describes the “perilous times” that will mark the church age as we progress toward the imminent return of Christ.

Sadly, many believers today embrace the positive truths we are exhorted to “know” while professing ignorance concerning what the Scriptures teach regarding the course of this church age. However, the apostle Paul tells us that we must “know” that perilous times are characteristic of the days in which we live right now! What should we expect in the church? In the world? Of unbelievers? Of God’s plan and purpose? How should we live and react to the harsh reality that things are not getting better, spiritually speaking, but are actually getting worse?

“This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come” (2 Tim. 3:1). These perilous times are here. Many who profess to know God are spiritually illiterate and only furthering their ignorance by surrounding themselves with “Bible teachers” who tell them what they want to hear (2 Tim. 4:3). They have turned away their ears from the truth and have, instead, embraced “fables” or “untrue myths.” And, of course, unbelievers in the world are only growing stronger in their hatred of truth and disdain for those who attempt to embrace and propagate the truth.

But take heart. This is not a time to despair. The days, months, and years ahead (should our Lord tarry) provide even greater opportunities for outreach and ministry than ever before—as long as we are aware of God’s estimation of this age and are faithfully in tune with His will. God is the same, and His Word still stands. He has called us to be faithful to Him and to keep pressing on in performing His work. We thank Him for His faithfulness and sustaining grace! Let us press forward, always looking for Him while doing His work in the here-and-now. —Matt Costella