People Change … But Not God!

Change is not new! Every generation experiences change in varying degrees and intensities. Decades ago, the writer of the hymn “Abide With Me” expressed it in these words: “Change and decay in all around I see: O, Thou who changest not, abide with me.” But the breathtaking rapidity and consequences of the many changes which are taking place today bring unusual anxiety and perplexity. People are asking, “What’s happening to our world—our churches—our schools—our homes—our families—our Christian leaders?” Overnight, almost everything seems to have changed!

Without doubt, believers as well as unbelievers have been affected by these changes and are facing problems never before experienced. The faith of believers is being tested in new and different ways as Satan seeks to use the worldly axiom “Everything is up for grabs” to test the stability of God’s children. The truth of the matter is that everything is NOT “up for grabs.” God has not changed and never will! God’s Word has not failed—and never will! The changes that abound on every hand may change our circumstances but never our promises. We have no reason to question our marching orders, no matter how many churches, pastors, friends or Christian leaders are changing. “For I am the Lord, I change not…” (Mal. 3:6). “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day and for ever” (Heb. 13:8).

One area of change that is of particular concern to many believers is expressed by the questions we are frequently asked about what has happened to particular Christian leaders whose attitudes, beliefs and ministries have changed in recent years. Of course, we cannot fully answer such questions since only God knows men’s hearts. We can only observe the outward appearance. However, we cannot ignore the fact that many well-known Christian leaders have changed their positions and methods which, of course, results in a change in their message. And, although we cannot judge a man’s motives, we are required to judge all things in the light and on the basis of the Scriptures. God commands us to “judge righteous judgment.” Otherwise, we can be led astray very quickly.

Beloved fellow-believers, we must always look above changeable men to the unchangeable Word of our unchangeable God! God has spoken. He cannot lie. His Word is forever settled in heaven. The position of biblical separation from false teachers, disobedient brethren and the world—the position held by true fundamentalists—can never be changed, and those who want to obey God rather than men will not attempt to change it. Of course, it is always possible to take a right position with a wrong attitude and spirit, and we must all be on guard against that potential danger. But, never forget this: Decisions based on pressure or fear of consequences are always wrong, whereas decisions based on the Word of God are always right!

If, as biblical fundamentalists, our spirit is wrong, if we are not speaking the truth in love, then we must ask God to forgive us and to give us the right spirit. But, if our position is correct scripturally, then we dare not change, and we must be willing to suffer for it if need be.

— Pastor M. H. Reynolds Jr.