"Be Thankful Unto Him"

Here at the FEA, we are filled with thankfulness to God for his abundant mercy and grace. We are grateful for a time of year in which we can specifically focus on those things for which we are thankful—and enjoy God's provision while doing so! We wish all of our readers a "Happy Thanksgiving" and we want you to know how thankful we are for your friendship, fellowship, and partership in the Lord's work. May HE continue to bless you, and may we ALL remember to be thankful each day!

The following brief article was written by M. H. Reynolds Jr., and addresses our need to be thankful from a study of Psalm 100. Please read this psalm.


Thankfulness is the inevitable result of a right relationship with God. Thankfulness is not dependent upon self, family, friends or circumstances. The Bible is filled with exhortations to all men to be thankful to God as Creator (vv. 1, 3), but those who have become “His people, and the sheep of His pasture” (v. 3) have special cause to be filled with thanksgiving. For every Christian, a thankful spirit should be the rule rather than the exception. In fact, a lack of praise in the life of a believer is actually an indication of a serious spiritual problem according to Romans 1:18-32.

Those who are truly thankful will not only say they are thankful, but their actions will show their gratitude. They will make a joyful sound (v. 1); they will serve the Lord with gladness of heart (v. 2); they will rejoice that He is their Father and Shepherd (vv. 2-3); they will worship Him with thanksgiving and praise (v. 4); they will be thankful for His goodness and mercy; they will rejoice in the assurance that His truth will never cease to exist—it will last forever (v. 5)! Genuine thankfulness is spontaneous, not forced. In fact, it should overflow in our lives. This kind of thankfulness pleases God and is a blessing to others. Every Christian who lives in the free world should be overwhelmed with gratitude, and those who have faithful pastors and godly fellowships of which to be a part are doubly blessed. At the same time, even those who are all alone, physically speaking, can and should thank God for His presence and promises. Regardless of where we are in life, we have much for which to be thankful. May we take the time to remember to praise and thank our Lord for His goodness to us. — M. H. Reynolds Jr.