Evangelical Apologist: Jesus Still Saves Through Dreams

A professor and director of the graduate school of ministry at Southern Evangelical Seminary recently claimed that Jesus appears to people in dreams today. Speaking at Southern Evangelical Seminary’s apologetics conference on October 14, 2016, Barry Leventhal told attendees that Jesus will continue to appear to people—including those who reject and hate God—in their dreams (Christian Post, “Jesus Still Appears to People in Dreams, Even God Haters, Christian Apologist Says,” 10-14-16). As evidence for his assertion, Leventhal cites the apostle Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus as well as a story he shared that details the experience of a man who was incarcerated in a Nazi labor camp during World War 2 and claims to have become a Christian due to his confrontation with Jesus in a dream. Thus, Leventhal is basing his claim that Jesus still appears to people in dreams today on 1.) the experience of a fallible human being as well as 2.) the conversion of a man almost 2000 years ago whom God supernaturally separated unto Himself on the Damascus road for a special, unique purpose—to serve as one of the 12 apostles. Christians today need to realize the danger of those who claim that God still speaks today and appears to people apart from what He has already revealed to mankind in His Word, the Bible. Salvation does not result from a vision of Jesus, but through faith alone in the person and work of Jesus Christ—the Gospel. Jesus made it clear that He has commissioned Christians to go and disciple all nations through the proclamation of the Gospel and the propagation of His Word. To believe that Jesus saves unbelievers in any other way is to embrace a false gospel and to allow subjective experience to trump the foundation of Truth as revealed in Scripture.