A Word of Encouragement…

At a time when so many of God's people are inundated with personal trials and difficulties; at a time when so many of God’s people are exposed to a flood of negative news and information concerning the world, our nation and the church; at a time when so many of God’s people are discouraged as a result of sin and its effects and consequences; at a time when so many of God’s people are confused and uncertain of the future; we at the FEA want to encourage you to be optimistic and stay focused…

Focus on the fact that our sovereign God is in complete control of all things. Although sin has made a mess of the world in which we live, God is in control and He alone knows all things and will work out His good pleasure. Nothing catches God off-guard or takes Him by surprise. God, knowing all things beforehand, has reminded us through His Word that He is in control and that He has given us all the tools necessary to spiritually prosper regardless of the condition of the world around us.

Focus on the fact that God loves you and wants your fellowship. People will come and go; people will let you down despite promises to the contrary; yet it is impossible for you to be separated from God’s love for you, and He wants you to get to know Him better as you communicate with Him through prayer and listen to Him through His Word. Talk to God each day, and allow Him to talk to you through the Holy Scriptures.

Focus on the fact that a truly God-honoring life will be marked by a biblical balance in all things—including belief and behavior. So many voices in the world and church today are clamoring for your attention. Some want you to move to one extreme, while others are encouraging you to jump to the opposite extreme. Some want you to be critical of everything while others hope you will just accept everything that comes your way. Yet to truly honor the Lord, you must exercise discernment in all things and remember that ultimately you will answer to God alone. Proverbs 4 puts it best: “Let thine eyes look right on, and let theyelids look straight before thee … turn not to the right hand nor to the left: remove thy foot from evil.”

Focus on the fact that you cannot “fix” the world around you, but you can “fix” yourself. Too many people today are busy pointing out the faults and errors of others while failing to notice the “beam” or “log” in their own eyes. Be encouraged to know that you can grow spiritually and change daily in order to move in the right direction, but in order to do this, you must tend to your own spiritual life. Do not worry about what everyone else is doing; rather, worry about your own fellowship with God and what He thinks about your beliefs and behavior.

Please understand that today, you have an opportunity as never before to give hope to people, and yet you can only do this as you are walking a “straight” path (avoiding the extremes) and building up yourself on your faith. Be positive! Cultivate your relationship with your Creator and Redeemer who loves you and desires that you represent Him well in a world of confusion and uncertainty. All of us here at the FEA desire to help and encourage you and other believers around the world to love God more and show such love through an unfeigned faithfulness to Him. Colossians 2:6-7.