Andy Stanley Minimizes Virgin Birth of Christ

Andy Stanley, pastor of North Pointe Ministries in the Atlanta area, is no stranger to controversy. Stanley has made numerous statements just this past year that have generated controversy and resulted in backlash from conservative evangelicals. But Stanley’s December 3, 2016, sermon may be the most controversial yet. In his sermon, Stanley minimized the importance—if not the reality—of the virgin birth of Jesus Christ. “A lot of people don’t believe it, and I understand that,” Stanley said. He added, “Maybe the thought is they had to come up with some kind of myth about the birth of Jesus to give him street cred later on. Maybe that’s where that came from” (Baptist News Global, “Virgin Birth Debate Interrupts Regular ‘War on Christmas’ Program,” 12-21-16). Stanley then noted that it is interesting that only 2 of the 4 gospels mention the virgin birth, and said “Christianity doesn’t hinge on the truth or even the stories around the birth of Jesus … It really hinges on the resurrection of Jesus.” Earlier this year, Stanley minimized the importance of the role Scripture plays in the life of the believer, and minimizing the importance of the virgin birth of Christ is simply the next step in this downward trajectory. The virgin birth of Christ is vitally important, for without the virgin birth, mankind would not have a Savior (the God-man) and no resurrection could have occurred! Despite what Stanley says, Christianity does hinge on the truth surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ. Stanley’s statements are dangerous and his conclusions are completely unbiblical. Discerning believers must beware of those who minimize vital doctrinal truths in an attempt to relate to those who reject such truths in the first place.