Schuller Urges Catholics To Be "a Light" in OC

The Crystal Cathedral in Orange County, California, now belongs to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange County. Robert Schuller’s congregation filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2010, and recently the court ordered the renowned landmark to be sold. After receiving the Vatican’s approval, the Catholic Diocese purchased the campus for $57.5 million. Escrow on the property closed on Feburary 3, 2012. According to a ChristianPost article, Robert Schuller responded to the sale by making the following statement: “It is time for all believers not to focus on differences, but on respect and appreciation for our common goals.” He added, “Today is not an ending; rather, it is a divine continuance of a beautiful, sacred campus that was dedicated to the greater glory of God” (ChristianPost, 2-4-12). In a Facebook post, Schuller elaborated on his reasons for supporting the Arch Diocese’ offer to purchase the Crystal Cathedral campus. He wrote: “When representatives from the Arch Diocese visited with us, they made this promise: ‘Dr. Schuller, We will take on your calling of proclaiming Christ’s message to humanity.  We will care for this campus like the treasure it is. We will embrace your obligation as our obligation.’ The Arch Diocese followed this promise with many gracious and accommodating terms that exhibit sensitivity to our history and displays a spirit of honor for the ministry’s purpose and the significant contributions of the Crystal Cathedral Congregation, the Hour of Power Viewers, and our Global Supporters. Arvella and I now extend this invitation and this charge to the Diocese: ‘Steward this campus. Keep it a light in Orange County that will never go out.  A light that will always remind humanity how very much… God Loves Them and So Do We.'" Clearly, Schuller views the Roman Catholic Church as a God-honoring ministry that will continue the work already begun by Crystal Cathedral ministries. In reality, the Roman Catholic Church embraces and propagates a gospel that is contrary to the Truth, and no professing evangelical should honor such a religious system that is leading so many people astray.

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