God's Word: Provision for Prosperity

We have often heard it said that man shapes his own destiny—that he is left to his own devices and, in the final analysis, is answerable to himself alone. It has also been said that an infinite God (if there is such a being) would certainly not be so condescending as to reveal Himself to finite man, much less demonstrate any compassion or concern for him. This attitude, which has prevailed throughout the centuries, has lulled countless multitudes into the false notion of unaccountability—and that to their eternal despair.

The Present Outlook

It is never easy to forecast a future. In nature, one can calculate with a certainty almost unerring the movements of the heavenly bodies, the date of an eclipse, the reappearance of a comet. The uniformity of nature’s laws enables us to rely on sunrising and sunsetting, on ebb and flow of tides, on the general procession of the seasons. But even science can only predict the future within limits and in many departments cannot certainly predict beyond a few days or hours.

"He Is Not Here!"

Please read Matthew 28:1-8. In the "story that never grows old," a familiar refrain occurs in all three of the Synoptic (Matthew, Mark, Luke) accounts. What a joyous anthem it provides for us to raise today! "He is not here ... He is risen." The narrative is so familiar, yet so precious. That evening, after sunset, the women who had witnessed Jesus' death and burial bought spices and aromatic oils to anoint the body of the Lord the next morning. Very early, the women went to the tomb.

Physicians Of No Value

God's faithful servant said, “Ye are all physicians of no value” (Job 13:46). These were Job’s words to his three “friends” after they had filled his ears with their words of worldly wisdom in their humanistic efforts to give comfort in the midst of his deep trials. And, as Job weighed their counsel on the scales of divine truth, he was led by the Spirit of God to tell them plainly, “Miserable comforters are ye all” (Job 16:2b).

Difficult Task Ahead!

[The following is a sermon preached by Pastor M. H. Reynolds, Jr. in 1988. We are reproducing it once again for the purpose of exhorting and encouraging many of God's people who are growing weary of the fight for the hearts and souls of men, women, and children. In a world of confusion and consternation, we encourage believers to look to the Word of God for marching orders, not to the culture of the world or even to the religion of many who profess to know Jesus Christ. Do not grow weary in well-doing!]

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