Worship: Letting God Define This Discipline

As believers in Christ, it is our privilege to praise and honor our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Yet many Christians are uncertain as to the actual purpose and definition of worship. Some consider worship to entail social action or “good works.” Others often equate worship with how they “feel.” Yet others frequently equate worship only with singing. In fact, an unbiblical concept of Christian “worship” has become big business in today’s churches and even in the secular marketplace.

Thinking Above What Is Written

The Son of God has declared that as this dispensation draws to its end the assaults against the faith once deliv­ered to the saints will be made in his name and in the name of truth; that the perilous times of the church will not be because of the multiplication of iniquity and sin, but because of the claims of a Christianity not inspired of the Spirit; a Christianity that in the name of Christ shall do many wonder­ful works, wonderful enough to de­ceive, if it were possible, the very elect, but against whose deception the Lord has warned in earnest and unmeasured terms.

Safe, Secure, and Sealed

The question of whether or not a true believer can lose his salvation after having been justified by faith alone in the person and work of Jesus Christ has existed within the church almost from its inception. In fact, during the persecution of the early church in the second and third centuries, many individuals who were facing the prospect of torment and even death chose to renounce their faith in order to avoid suffering a painful and often lethal punishment.

The Spirit of Fear

The recent wars and natural disasters that are plaguing our world have elicited numerous responses from Christian leaders of all theological persuasions. Sadly, the most vocal voices have come from those who claim that 1.) God is speaking today and judging those who are victims of said wars or natural calamities or 2.) The events are somehow related to end-time prophecy.

Missions with Don Kilmer

What Does The Bible Say?

Don Kilmer, missionary to the Zulu people in South Africa, discusses the challenges and blessings of the ministry.

Matthew 28:19-20

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