“Cool” Churches and Their Quest for Relevance

A pastor of arguably one of the most influential churches in the world recently refused to give a concrete answer when asked to clarify his church’s position on same sex marriage. Brian Houston, pastor of the Pentecostal Hillsong Church (associated with the Hillsong music empire), recently told a reporter that the issue of gay marriage is “an ongoing conversation” among leaders of Hillsong Church, and that they are “on the journey with it” (Religion News Service, 10-16-14).

Plain Words On Pentecostalism

[The following article was written by the renowned Canadian Baptist pastor T. T. Shields in 1929 shortly after Penetcostalism came on the scene in the United States and Canada. Although the names he cites are obsolete, the underlying truth still stands.]

What Difference Does It Make?

The expression “What difference does it make?” is frequently heard today, but it is used in two very different ways that convey entirely different meanings. It can simply be the expression of a person who is not sure which of two or more beliefs, opinions, options, actions, or positions is the correct one; he still has a sincere desire to find the correct answer. On the other hand, these same words can be used flippantly to imply that it probably doesn’t make much difference what one believes, thinks, says, or does.

Podcast Update

As many of you have noticed, we have not uploaded a "What Does the Bible Say?" podcast since August 19. We truly apologize for the long delay, but we wanted to update you on the reasons why. We have had some problems with our software (as well as my lack of competency with the software), and we are trying to coordinate a time when our media technician can assist us with this issue. The busyness of the last few months has made this appointment very difficult to coordinate.

The World Prepared for Darwin, and the World He Made

Ancient and Medieval Views of Origins

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